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PT.  W I D J A J A    T E K N I K    U T A M A       ( W . T . U )


O N E    S T O P    F I R E    P R O T E C T I O N


Fire is considered as one of the safety related incident that frequently occur in Indonesia, especially in the large cities. Not only does it bring serious damage to the property, but also often cause harm to the people and environment. Despite of this fact, we are still lacking of the awareness to strengthen the fire protection system in companies or other industrial and commercial buildings.

We offers a one stop fire protection equipments and services that could help you in everything you need regarding the fire safety in your buildings. We are hoping to bring you a peace of mind, so you could safely run your business while knowing that your property and people are equally protected.

We Bringing a comprehensive Fire Protection system for your Global Safety, including Early detection warning system, suppression - fire fighting system and providing total solution from design, engineering, and installation, even maintenance of Total Fire system


PT Widjaja Teknik Utama (WTU) was founded in 2018 and officially started their operation on February 2019. It was built by two professionals, Mr. Francisco Widjaja and Mrs. Santi, who recognized the need of a reliable one stop fire protection equipments and services in Indonesia.

Mr. Francisco Widjaja has 16 years of experience in Fixed Fire Pump industry, which he marketed to most of major group of companies in Indonesia including Agung Sedayu Group, Metropolitan Kentjana, Pertamina, PLN, and Adaro.
Mrs. Santi has 10 years experience in a private logistic company that offered logistic service to all around Indonesia for big companies including Unilever, P&G, Smart tbk, and Daikin. Both of them are well-known in the industry and highly experienced in assisting clients to provide all of their fire protection needs.


At WTU, we are also building a strong team based on values to ensure that each member of our team bring clients the best service.

  • Integrity and Honesty.                                We always ensure 100% transparency to our clients.
  • Innovation and Quality.                              Practicing continuous innovation and providing the best quality for each products and services delivered are our priority.
  • Leadership and Teamwork.                       Every single member of our team has a sense of leadership and great to work with. We believe in forming a great collaboration with our clients.
  • Proactive and Adaptive.                            Our team are trained to be proactive and adaptive in every situations.
  • Fast, Effective and Efficient.                     We are fast in solving problems and able to choose the most effective and efficient actions.
  • Responsibility and Sense of Belonging. We assist our clients with full responsibility and a sense of belonging to their business needs, ensuring their needs are perfectly fulfilled.



Best Products
We ensure to offer you only the best quality products with international standard, and also assist you in adjusting the budget according to what you need.

Best Service
Our clients will be assisted by professionals and specialist only who are highly experienced in the industry. Our team are able to provide the best one stop service in engineering, procurement, installation, and maintenance. We guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of our one stop service, and lowering the risk of buying each service separately that often cause system failures.


We offer a complete system range of fire protection equipments and services for your business.

Products (Equipments)

  • Fire Detection Equipment

           Fire is best prevented with early detection. We supply fire alarm systems (main control fire alarm) and fire detectors including heat detector, smoked detector, and flame detector from various well-known brands.

  • Fire Fighting/ Suppression Equipment

          To combat fire, we have a variety of fire extinguisher in every sizes (from small to large), ABC powder and foam, hose, nozzle, hydrant box, hydrant pillar, siamese, and any other kind of extinguisher from high quality brands.

  • Main Fire Fighting Equipment:
  1. Fixed installation fire pump in compliance of NFPA-20 UL listed and FM approved with horizontal split case, end suction, vertical turbine, complete with the jockey pump by various selected brands
  2. Foam system which is equipped with foam tank, bladder tank, foam mixing - proportioner, balance pressure proportioning system, foam chamber, and foam nozzle with many brand options.

We offer engineering, procurement, construction, installation, and maintenance (EPCIM) for clients. Our team are a group of professionals that could help you in setting up the fire protection system from start to finish, using only products with NFPA-20 UL and/or FM standard for the installation.


We have our own logistic service named WTU-Logistics, that provide a one stop solution for all transportation needs.

Land and road transport
We handle various trucking services: LTL, CDE, CDD, Fuso, Wing Box, and other cargo projects.

Rail Transport
Fast delivery by train for East and Central Java areas.

Container Transport
Container delivery to all areas in Indonesia, with LCL or Full Container 20’ and 40’. We provide 3 types of containers:

  • Dry container
  • Flat rack container
  • Open Top container

Air Transport
Express air delivery to all areas in Indonesia


“Becoming a reliable EPCIM company and the market leader in fire protection industry.” We are committed to become the most reliable and trusted one stop solution fire protection for customers by providing the best services in Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, and Maintenance (EPCIM).


- Building a professional and highly reliable team that has a strong focus on customers. - Providing a superior customer service and always professional in assisting our clients so that customers find it easy to do business with us.


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